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our unique class offerings


Power Vinyasa

Unleash your potential in one of our most challenging classes (heated & non-heated). These classes are intended for intermediate to advanced practitioners looking to explore the depths of their practice with advanced balancing postures, backbends and inversions.

Build core strength and strengthen your important stablizer muscles with each class. Sequencing will vary with instructor philosophy.

Vinyasa Flow

The perfect pace to just move your body & connect inward on your mat (offered in both heated & non-heated rooms). Link breath to movement at a steady pace while still exploring challenging postures and transitions.

Not as fast or vigorous as Power Vinyasa but just enough to work up a sweat. Sequencing will vary with instructor philosophy.

We use infared lamps in our HOT classes (better than space heaters!)

Suave Flow

Suave Flow classes to help you find the space between poses while still retaining the gentle rhythm of a Vinyasa Flow class. Suave Flow classes are a combination of Vinyasa Flow and Hatha yoga, with fewer transitions than Vinyasa yoga and more flow than Hatha yoga. Great for beginners or returning yogis.


We offer a well-rounded Ashtanga Program with both Mysore Classes and Guided Ashtanga Classes. Ashtanga is a set sequence with an emphasis on physical adjustments by highly experienced Ashtanga teachers.

Mysore is always a 2 hour window where you get to practice at your own pace while the teacher goes around giving everyone 1-on-1 attention. Ashtanga Led is a guided flow done all together at the same pace.

Breath & Meditation

Learn simple to more complex breath techniques in this unique and hard-to-find Breath & Meditation class. Experience the profound effects of learning to deepen your breath, increase oxygen intake, & quiet the cluttered mind.
Each session ends with a meditation to fully integrate the breathwork & leave you feeling centered and grounded.

Candlelight Yin

Yin yoga is characterized by poses supported by props (blankets, blocks, & bolsters). To differentiate it from a restorative class, yin reaches deep into the soft tissues of the body as you hold deeper stretches for longer. Excellent for beginners, athletes, & really anyone looking to be more mobile.

Enjoy low ambient lighting with our gorgeous lanterns adorned all around the yoga rooms. 

Vinyasa + Meditation

Enjoy all the benefits of Vinyasa Yoga followed by an extra 15 minutes dedicated to stillness in meditation. Experience the long-lasting health benefits of meditation with consistent practice & commitment. No leaving rushed and exhausted after class but instead feeling deeply centered.

Many of our instructors add the element of Sound Therapy with sacred instruments such as sound bowls, chimes, and our lovely ocean drum.


Budokon is a modern movement style which unites elements of traditional yoga with modern mixed movement. Explore the benefits of martial arts, calisthenics, yoga, & animal locomotion all in one class. We are now the only place offering Budokon Classes in Miami.

This is for movers of all types seeking the highest level of agility, mobility, stamina, and strength.

Enjoy the flow and fun of Vinyasa to the signature movements of Budokon.

Stretch & Mobility

Just like it sounds, a class dedicated to mobility & mobility only. Using a mixture of yoga, personal training, and physical therapy techniques to help foster a body free from stiffness, aches, and pain. Using props and the wall for deep stretching.

Our instructors are skilled in anatomy and both injury prevention & recovery making this the perfect class for all movers including beginners and athletes.

Sunday Serenity Flow

Our signature Sunday Serenity Suave Flow is the PERFECT way to end your week. Only place to offer a much needed 3:00pm yoga class on a Sunday.

A gentle + mobility focused Vinyasa Flow to decompress & reset for the week to come.


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